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Ginger Design eMarketing

Web Hosting

Ginger eMarketing offers a comprehensive website and email hosting service, provided on high performance web servers using both Windows and Linux operating systems.

We offer a range of services including domain registration and website hosting utilising: 

  • Standard Pro
  • Web Pro
  • Business Pro

We are also able to offer a completely customised hosting service on dedicated servers for businesses wishing to have a totally bespoke service.

Please discuss your requirements with us before committing to any service provider. We are happy to offer advice or a quote for a solution tailored to your requirements.


Social Media

The power of social media in your online marketing campaign and it’s importance to SEO has, until now, been vastly undervalued.  Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, is very much a part of our everyday lives so why not use it as a marketing tool for your business?  With more people turning to social media now to find services and trades, there has never been a better time to focus on what social media can do for your business.

As with all aspects of good SEO, the planning stage is at the core of any social media campaign.  We will work with you to outline your objectives and research which social media platforms your target audience are most active in. 

If you do not already have a social media presence, we can develop a professionally branded page for your business in your chosen social media platforms which in turn will create interaction between your business and your target audience.  Through communication with your audience, your brand awareness increases which leads to conversions to your website and ultimately more business.  Our online reporting tools allow us to monitor these conversions and provide you with detailed monthly reports illustrating the traffic to your website generated through your social media platforms.  Please contact Ginger eMarketing to discuss your social media requirements.




More and more companies are trying to keep their business in house rather than out-sourcing and this also applies to SEO.  A successful SEO campaign takes both time and commitment and dedicated staff trained in SEO means that someone is always on hand within your business to make updates and changes as required to your website. 

We are pleased to offer a Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy Service which extends throughout the Kent and Lincolnshire area.  We will come to your place of work and deliver the training in-situ, even working with you on your website to show you how to optimise your site yourself.  We can tailor make the training to suit your level of knowledge and requirements and therefore our SEO training packages are suitable for even complete beginners to SEO.


Video for the Web

The importance of video in SEO should not be underestimated and can bring a great deal to your website.  Search engines love video embedded into a website giving your site more credibility.  But posting videos online isn’t just great in helping search engines find you.  They are also a fantastic way of providing further details about your business in a fun way to your viewers.  A tour of the business, introduction to the staff or an item in production can be both informative but also engaging for your future customers, giving a human face to your business. 

We offer various options of video production for the web so if you think this could benefit your business, why not contact Ginger eMarketing today. 


Web Design

Ginger eMarketing is a creative, communications design agency.  We are passionate about creating eye-catching design, engaging interactive multimedia, beautiful print, photography and inspirational words.

Our eye for quality and detail can turn even the most basic idea into a stylish online presence.  We liaise with you throughout the entire design process to achieve a website that you can both manage, control and just as importantly, own.  Once your website is complete, we offer full training to allow you to manage your own content and are available 24/7 for any support you might need.

Ginger eMarketing has a comprehensive web design process with a successful track record of delivering high quality websites on time and within budget to whatever size your budget maybe.

During the initial consultation we are interested in understanding your business ethos and goals. We will consider your current or new brand identity and how we could use that to create a digital design and unique web presence.

Together we will explore the options of how your website may be maintained and updated now, and in the future as your company grows. Finally before the design and development stages we will provide a written detailed solution, outlining all menus, pages and functionality costs and expected timescales for your website.

Web Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Flash
  • PHP
  • XML
  • Advertising Banners
  • E-commerce
  • CMS
  • Joomla
  • Word Press

Our websites range from a simple, informative website to provide an online presence through to a detailed, multi-page e-commerce site.  We have designed and developed a wide range of successful websites and our client testimonials illustrate our proven track record in design.  If you are currently considering building a website or re-branding your current one, please contact Ginger eMarketing today for further information about our web design business and corporate branding.  Ginger eMarketing is also proud to offer a comprehensive website and email hosting service, provided on high performance web servers.  Please click for further details on website hosting.


Our Mission Statement

At Ginger eMarketing, our customers ARE our business therefore we are committed to delivering the very best in customer service.  We will not accept anything less.  We will work with you to find the very best online marketing solution which suits your needs.  We do not support unethical SEO practices which many agencies still continue to use today. 

Our professional search engine optimisation consultants work with you to find the right strategy for you and make your website a success.  To show how committed we are and to prevent any conflict of interest to making your website a success, we will not work with any direct competitor within a defined geographical radius of your business.  That is our promise to you.

Your business IS our business.


About Us

Ginger eMarketing was founded by Ginger Mike, a qualified professional graphic designer, as a website design and development company which was originally based solely in Lincoln.  Over the years, the company has evolved to incorporate all aspects of company branding and our team of professionals has grown to such an extent that we are now able to offer a full range of internet marketing solutions through Ginger eMarketing, whilst still continuing to provide our customers with all aspects of professional website design and development services, from simple brochure style websites to complex  e-commerce websites.    The key to our success is that many aspects of good web design are closely interlinked with successful SEO practices when producing a high-ranking, search engine friendly website.

We have recently extended our team further into the Kent region and as a result we are able to offer a wide range of internet marketing solutions including proven, effective SEO strategies in both the Sevenoaks and Lincoln areas.  With the latest statistics showing how much we rely on the internet for both research and shopping, we recognise the importance of a strong online presence and as a result have expanded on the services we can now offer our customers.
At Ginger eMarketing we believe in strong communication and so place the utmost importance on attention to detail.  Through listening to your needs, we will produce an online strategy that is effective for you to achieve the best possible results on the web.  We are not interested in talking jargon, we simply put online marketing and SEO into a language that everyone can understand to achieve results that make your business a success. 

To find out what we can do for you and your business, please contact Ginger eMarketing for website design and development enquiries, SEO and all online marketing strategies in Lincoln and Sevenoaks areas to arrange a free, no-obligation chat.  


Ginger eMarketing

Ginger eMarketing is a specialist company dedicated to getting your website found on the web so that your business stands out from the crowd.  With more and more people turning to online searches to find a service or supplier, a beautifully designed website is no longer sufficient to bring in online trade, as your potential customers, and the search engines , need to be able to find you.  If you do not have a search engine friendly website then the fact is that your customers will overlook your business and go to your competitors instead.

Our approach to your internet marketing is bespoke and therefore specifically designed to meet your needs.  We recognise at Ginger eMarketing that no two websites are the same and therefore it’s not the case that one SEO strategy fits all.  Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO)  is the in-depth study of your website and your market to develop the most effective, iterative strategy to give your website the optimal presence on the web.  Each of our SEO services can stand alone but equally compliments, and is intertwined, with the other. 

We pride ourselves in putting the needs of our customers first, so whether you already have a finished website,  are currently in the process of developing one or would like us to provide you with a fully project managed website construction with search engine optimisation included, we have the solution for you.
We have a proven track record of success within internet marketing and are very proud of our client testimonials.  We guarantee we will increase the traffic to your website and help you get the business you would like to achieve. 
We offer a wide range of SEO services with consultants in Sevenoaks, Kent and also Lincoln, Lincolnshire however we also have customers throughout the UK.  Ginger eMarketing can advise on all aspects of online marketing including fully managed social media campaigns for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Our services also include SEO copywriting, pay per click advertising (PPC) with Google AdWords, on-page optimisation, website auditing, link-building and online reputation management to name a few!
If you would like to stand out from the crowd and get your business found on the web, Ginger eMarketing has the perfect strategy, so why not call us today to find out what we can do for you.

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Ginger eMarketing was founded by 'Ginger' Mike, a qualified professional graphic designer. Intially set up as a website design and development company based in Lincoln. Over the years, the company has evolved and now specialises in all aspects of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Ginger eMarketing.

Keep up to date with ours news and helpful hints and tips through our Blogs & News.

  • Jade Etherington
    At Ginger eMarketing we are following the Paralympic Games at Sochi 2014 with great excitement!  All of the amazing sports people who have fought for their place at Sochi are an inspiration to us all. 

    During the last year, we have worked with one athlete in particular, Jade Etherington from Lincoln. We were approached by Jade to help with the design and development of her website to help raise both awareness and sponsorship for the games.

  • Create great Ads on Facebook
    At Ginger eMarketing we are often asked how do we promote our business on the internet using Facebook. This blog inspired by and using Facebook material helps you create your own effective Facebook Adverts.

    In this blog series published by Facebook on how to create effective ads you will learn how to create effective ads on Facebook. Ginger eMarketing are here to help you achieve your marketing goals and if we can guide you along the way we will.


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