Does your website look good but just isn’t bringing you in the business you had hoped for?  When done well, Search Engine Optimisation is an excellent return on investment and our SEO consultants are dedicated to making your business a success.   If your website does not appear on the first or second page of the search results pages (SERPS), the chances are you are being overlooked.  

We offer a range of different SEO solutions for your business in affordable packages which are tailored to your needs.  We will work with you to determine where you can compete on the web to make your SEO campaign a success.   Once your SEO strategy has been planned and put into place we will provide you with detailed monthly reports showing how your campaign is performing through your improved rankings on the web.  

If you would like to look after your own SEO in-house, why not speak to us regarding the SEO training options that we offer?  We can come to your place of work and train you and your colleagues in how to optimise your own site, tailoring our training to your needs and ability - whether it involves social media, pay per click advertising, copywriting or on-page optimisation.  A good SEO campaign is ever-evolving and therefore requires time,planning and research.  Why not let Ginger eMarketing show you how it is done?  Alternatively, why not request a comprehensive website audit?  We will analyse your site and make the appropriate recommendations for your web developer to carry out to improve your rankings on the web.  Good SEO does not change the look and feel of your website but, through careful tweaks to both the content and internal structure of your site, makes it easier for the search engines to find you.  Once the search engines find you, so too do your future, potential customers!

Ginger eMarketing -  getting  your business found on the web. 

Copy writing for SEO

The key to creating a fantastic web page is not just a great design but to also make sure that your content is optimised to ensure that search engines can find you.  Unethical agencies will recommend a tactic referred to in the trade as keyword-stuffing when writing your website copy.  This practice not only makes your website very user-unfriendly but can actively harm how search engines view and index your site.  This means that the incorrect use of keywords could result in your website being penalised and effectively being banned from the web.  

Our researchers will analyse the search words for your field and ensure that the correct ratio of keywords is used to provide both an information rich but optimised content for your website.  The search terms and trends that we think our customers use, is, in reality often very different to the terms people actually use and therefore careful research is at the fore-front of successful content.  Our professional copy-writers will work with you to provide unique, creative content for each of your web-pages to ensure that when a potential customer types a search term into a search engine such as Google that your website is found.  

We want to make it easy for your potential customers to find you and not your competitors.


Google Ads

Google Ads or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are an effective method of gaining an instant first page presence for your website.  Pay Per Click campaigns can be used independently of, but ideally alongside, your organic search engine optimisation campaign. 

Through careful keyword analysis and trend research, we can formulate the most effective approach to your keyword advertising.  We will focus the campaign on the area of the business which you wish to promote and is a great way of launching special offers or seasonal products.

Once the research stage of the campaign has been completed and the budget defined, your Ads campaign and copy will be analysed to maximise the conversions, or click through rate, to your website. 

Your advertising budget and objectives will be regularly reviewed and monthly reporting will detail the success of your Pay per Click Campaign.  This ensures the optimal performance of your campaign and can be regularly changed to suit the needs of your business.


SEO Audits

Would you like to know where you rank against your competitors? Are you happy with how you rank in a Google search? Does your website generate the business you would like?  If you are unsure how much Google loves your website, why not consider a website audit?

Ginger eMarketing will produce a comprehensive report for you detailing changes that can be done to help enhance the search engine optimisation of your site, whilst simultaneously retaining a user-friendly, attractive website.

Within the report we will include, amongst others:

  • An analysis of your website content, pape by page, to help increase on-page optimisation.
  • Target the key search areas where you wish to be found
  • Recommend changes that can be done to get your site found on the web through an organic search rather than pay per click campaigns.
  • A review of your domain authority and how search engines view you including the validity of links on your site.  This will include the three most popular search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Highlight any missing/incomplete aspects of your site which may be causing search issues such as H1 tags, page titles and meta data
  • Check if you have fallen foul of Google algorithms updates which would cause certain pages and/or content to be blocked by search engines

This report will then give your web developer the tools to optimise your website.

Prices for an audit vary according to the size and type of your website but if you decide to proceed with a fully managed SEO campaign with Ginger eMarketing then the cost of the audit will be credited against the price of your SEO. 

  • Jade Etherington
    At Ginger eMarketing we are following the Paralympic Games at Sochi 2014 with great excitement!  All of the amazing sports people who have fought for their place at Sochi are an inspiration to us all. 

    During the last year, we have worked with one athlete in particular, Jade Etherington from Lincoln. We were approached by Jade to help with the design and development of her website to help raise both awareness and sponsorship for the games.

  • Create great Ads on Facebook
    At Ginger eMarketing we are often asked how do we promote our business on the internet using Facebook. This blog inspired by and using Facebook material helps you create your own effective Facebook Adverts.

    In this blog series published by Facebook on how to create effective ads you will learn how to create effective ads on Facebook. Ginger eMarketing are here to help you achieve your marketing goals and if we can guide you along the way we will.


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