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The importance of video in helping your business marketing strategy and ultimately SEO should not be underestimated and can bring a great deal to your website.  Search engines love video embedded into a website giving your site more credible and engaging content. Also content on YouTube linking back to your website can be helpful and who owns YouTube?... Google.  But posting videos online isn’t just great in helping search engines find you.  They are also a fantastic way of providing further details about your business in more engaging way.  A tour of the business, introduction to the staff or an item in production can be both informative but also engaging for your future customers. 

We offer various options of video production for the web so if you think this could benefit your business, why not contact Ginger eMarketing today. 

  • Jade Etherington
    At Ginger eMarketing we are following the Paralympic Games at Sochi 2014 with great excitement!  All of the amazing sports people who have fought for their place at Sochi are an inspiration to us all. 

    During the last year, we have worked with one athlete in particular, Jade Etherington from Lincoln. We were approached by Jade to help with the design and development of her website to help raise both awareness and sponsorship for the games.

  • Create great Ads on Facebook
    At Ginger eMarketing we are often asked how do we promote our business on the internet using Facebook. This blog inspired by and using Facebook material helps you create your own effective Facebook Adverts.

    In this blog series published by Facebook on how to create effective ads you will learn how to create effective ads on Facebook. Ginger eMarketing are here to help you achieve your marketing goals and if we can guide you along the way we will.


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