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At Ginger eMarketing we are often asked how do we promote our business on the internet using Facebook. This blog inspired by and using Facebook material helps you create your own effective Facebook Adverts.

In this blog series published by Facebook on how to create effective ads you will learn how to create effective ads on Facebook. Ginger eMarketing are here to help you achieve your marketing goals and if we can guide you along the way we will.

Making effective ads on Facebook

  1. Identify your business goal: If you’re looking to introduce your brand to more people, focus on telling them something about who you are, why you started your business in the first place or introduce your employees or your location
  2. Building Awareness: The first thing you need to do when making your ad is to identify your business goal. What do you want to get out of your ad? What do you want it to do for your business? The ad should then help you deliver against that goal.
  3. Driving Foot Traffic: To get people into your store, give them a reason to come. A sale, new products or seasonal events are great ways to get people to pay you a visit. Use the Local Awareness objective to find people near you, and mention your location in the copy so the ad becomes immediately relevant.
  4. Online Conversions: If you want people to click and take an action online, you need to be very clear about what they’re getting out of that click. You also need to make sure that, once they’ve clicked through, their path to completion is easy and apparent.
  5. Understand your target audience: Speak directly to their motivations or address the barriers preventing them from becoming your customer. Communicate the role of your business in their lives, and why you should matter to them. Consider having different versions of creative for different audiences to ensure you are speaking to what motivates each group.
  6. Define your theme: Figure out what you want your audience to take away from your ad. Think about a theme or concept that will tie your ads together. This is a way that you can express your brand’s unique point of view or what makes you stand out. The theme can be a concept/idea or even a visual theme to create consistency among all of your ads.

Choosing great images

Improve the quality of your creative by following these tips:

  1. Single Focal Point: Ensure that you’re only asking people to look at one thing. If you’re trying to include too many things in one image, consider carousel or video ads. Also, once you take your photo, consider cropping it so it’s framed nicely.Visual Consistency. Make sure all of your ads within a campaign tie together visually. Then people will more easily recognize your ad and stop to see what else you have to say.
  2. Build for Mobile: Design your ad assuming it will be viewed on a mobile phone. Think about the size of each element in your image or video and take a look at it on your phone before running the ad. Check out our mobile ads guide.Use an eye catching image. Choose an interesting subject and shoot for quality. Go for high resolution and crisp images, paying attention to angle and lighting. Don’t be afraid to use smartphones with apps and filters for great images.Connect with them when they look once you have their attention, reward them for stopping. This is your chance to communicate your key message in an inspiring way that will make them glad that they stopped as well as remembering what you said.
  3. Integrate your Brand: We’ve learned that branding is really important to connect with people and help them remember your ad. However, we don’t recommend just pasting your logo on top of your image. Instead, have elements of your brand, such as your logo, your location or your products, in the image in a natural and authentic way.

Inspire them to act once you’ve caught their attention, it’s your chance to close the deal. Tell them what’s in it for them and what the benefit is, so they’ll take the desired action.

  • Use your copy or a call-to-action button to motivate them to act.
  • Leverage the ad unit’s full creative canvas to get them to engage.

Creating images

Facebook ads allow you to share dynamic images with the people who matter most to your business. But before you can showcase these great images, you need to create them. Below are some ways you can create effective images for your Facebook ads. And no matter how you create your images, be sure to test a number of different shots so you can see which images are performing the best.

  1. Take your own photos: If you don’t have the budget for a photographer, and don’t want to use stock photos because you want to feature your business in your ads, try taking photos yourself. You don’t need to be a professional, or have an expensive camera. You can take great photos on your smartphone. Just pick an interesting subject, pay attention to the angle and lighting, and don’t be afraid to use apps or filters. Sometimes the most effective images simply show your location or someone using your product.
  2. Use stock photos: If a professional photo shoot is too expensive, don’t let the fact that you don’t have quality photos stop you from creating an ad. Instead, use a stock photo. Using Facebook you have access to millions of stock images as part of our comprehensive Shutterstock library, at no additional cost. Shutterstock's images are commercially licensed and available for use in all Facebook ad formats.
  3. Hire a professional photographer: A professional photographer is a great way to get quality images for your ads. But it’s not just about spending the money. Keep in mind your photos will be competing with pictures of babies and someone’s fancy dinner, so focus on the things about your business that make it stand out. The people. The environment. The products. Try to pick an image that will grab your audience’s attention as they scroll through Facebook.

Whether you want to feature a catalogue of products or various uses for one product, images give you an opportunity to tell your story. Choose your image based on who you’re targeting. Depending on who you're targeting, whether it's by gender, age or some other demographic, think about the types of images that will resonate. Test a variety of images. No matter where you get your images from, always shoot a few variations of each so that you can test the images to see which one gets the best response. Context is important. Some businesses have found that the most effective images simply show someone holding a phone and using the company’s product. Put your new images to good use.

Writing copy for Facebook Ads

  1. Tone of voice: Start by considering your tone of voice, which should be a reflection of your business’s personality. Is it funny? All business? Adventurous? Every business has its own identity and, the more authentic you are, the more effective your ads are likely to be. Be yourself and be consistent.
  2. Stick to what's important: Remember that people scroll through Facebook quickly, so lead with your most important message. There are also a variety of different ad formats, with different specifications for each. Stick to the important information and pay attention to the character count limit (for ad specs click here). Get the good stuff in before the text is truncated and if you have a specific action you want, be sure to make that part of the ad. For example, Visit our store, Call for a free quote, Check out our website, etc.
  3. Write with the customer in mind: Consider talking about things in terms of your customer’s mindset and what might appeal to them emotionally. Put yourself in their shoes and ask, “What would make me like this business? Why would it appeal to me?”
  4. Write compelling headlines that drive awareness: Additional tips for writing clear and memorable headlines. This is the statement that often tells people exactly what you do for them. Here are ways to ensure that your message gets through:
  • If your copy is too long, make it shorter
  • If it’s all about you as a business, make it about your customer
  • If it’s generic, customize it to speak to your different audiences

Come right out and say it
Be overt. Don’t make people have to work to figure out what you do. Look at some of your ads and ask yourself, “If I’d never heard of this businesses before, would I understand what they do?” If you’re a florist in San Francisco, don’t write 'People of San Francisco love us’ and place it next to a picture of flowers. Instead, say something like, “We deliver locally grown flower bouquets anywhere in San Francisco…by bike!”

Now test drive the above tips and create a Facebook Ad

 Create an Ad 

 See the full guide written by Facebook here

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  • Create great Ads on Facebook
    At Ginger eMarketing we are often asked how do we promote our business on the internet using Facebook. This blog inspired by and using Facebook material helps you create your own effective Facebook Adverts.

    In this blog series published by Facebook on how to create effective ads you will learn how to create effective ads on Facebook. Ginger eMarketing are here to help you achieve your marketing goals and if we can guide you along the way we will.


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